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Skier Jillian Raymond Morocco, Africa


Of the six world continents that support Indigenous populations none is more elusive to skiers than Africa. Diverse cultures, vast deserts and vibrant wildlife are some of the more common topics of conversation for visitors wishing to visit the continent. Skiing, and snow in general is not. However, the continent of Africa is deep in terms of its ecological diversity, and numerous mountain environments are found throughout its great landmass. And guess what? Not only does it snow in Africa just like on every other world continent, there are even several ski resorts in a few select countries. In addition, some of the most striking glaciers on the planet are found in Africa. Don’t get me wrong, the skiing and snow quality is about as fickle as it gets, but if you take into account the other attributes of traveling to this area of the world it’s for surely a ski trip that’s the definition of “off the beaten path”.

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