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Backcountry Ski Gear
Originally published in the Nov 2012 issue of Backcountry Magazine. Photo: Seth Lightcap North Peak, CA

Backcountry Ski Gear To Watch Out For in 2015 I

It might be August, but the first round of 2015 ski season magazines are already finding their way into your mailbox, and they’re causing you to froth, daydream and envision what’s to come. Fall is right around the corner, which means winter isn’t too far off. The magazines and ski industry manufacturers do this every year-build hype for their new gear while simultaneously building stoke for what’s to come-and while it usually feels premature, why not get ready for what we in the ski tribe all know is both beautiful, and inevitable?

Having worked as a tester, ambassador and athlete with brands represented in this series, in addition to reaching out to professionals on all sides of the ski industry, the following represents a multiple piece look at some standout backcountry ski gear to watch out for in the 2015 ski season. For more detailed information on highlighted items follow the links in each section to the manufacturers homepage. In this initial offering we look at Dynafit AT boots and tech ski bindings.

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