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CleanSnipe is now GearMarket


For the past several years I have contributed to CleanSnipe as a staff writer through its blog known as The Deal. CleanSnipe offers trip reports and stories on backcountry skiing, surfing, rock climbing-essentially anything related to having fun in the outdoors. However, CleanSnipe is no more. Say hello to GearMarket.

The change has been long overdue as for the last five years CleanSnipe have provided one of the cheapest and most innovative outdoor gear shopping experiences on the internet. But they wanted to make it even better for their customers. The changeover to GearMarket is meant to provide a cleaner, more streamlined shopping experience with  more up-to-date, easier to use and organized shopping tools for the consumer.


The switchover to GearMarket has been specifically created with the outdoor user in mind, just like CleanSnipe was, but now after several years in the field, much has been learned. The website transition is catered to helping people get  get great gear, while saving money, with an emphasis on understanding getting outside everyday is priority #1.

One of the cool things about the new website is as a GearMarket member, you get cash back on your purchases (#GearMarket).  Say you bought a $2,000 mountain bike on screaming deal, down from $3,000 from a special you saw on the site.  That $200 you got back simply by being a member is just that much more you can throw down to get gloves, a helmet, etc- things that support your mountain biking, that’d you’d need to buy anyway, but are now getting thrown into a deal where you already saved a thousand bucks.

Not bad, huh?


Nothing is changing in the way CleanSnipe once did business. The site needed a facelift, a new name, and they’ll continue working with the best gear retailers and merchants out there. Pooling information to show you the best deals on the market will remain what GearMarket does best, and customers will still get cash back for shopping through the site. Overall, the website will shift a bit, but only to better serve customers through ease of use. Making the site more organized and user friendly is some of the most important feedback  from customers that’s facilitated the shift.

We all need gear to help support our endeavors in the outdoors. What was CleanSnipe, and is now GearMarket, exists to help people find the best possible deals out there on the gear they need to get it done in the outdoors. As I write, share photos, and contribute to the new site, I hope to continue offering some inspiration for making the most of everyday. It’s a gift we have, especially those of us who value time spent outside so much, to take advantage of what could be the best day, adventure, or few hours of your life. You’ll never know unless you go!


*The three photos that accompany this piece were taken from previous CleanSnipe articles I’ve written and photographed over the past few years (1. Svalbard, Norway 2. Boone, North Carolina 3. Shi-Shi Beach, Olympic National Park, WA). I look forward to sharing many more photos and stories in the years ahead!

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