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Mountain Biking

Idaho can keep outdoor adventurers busy for a lifetime. If you’re a mountain biker passing through the Sawtooth area, or posting up to sample the many opportunities for local fun, you absolutely can’t miss riding the Fisher Creek loop trail. If you ride a downhill bike and seek out super steep, technical riding this may not be the ride for you. However,  if you’re okay with a decent amount of work on the up followed by long sections of buffed, fast, smooth singletrack on the down then this is a ride for you. The total ride is about 16-18 miles depending, and with the exception of the DH riders out there, I don’t think anyone who mountain bikes could finish this ride and not be completely fired up. It actually seems to be a ride that users who aren’t local are quick to start comparing it to other epic rides they’ve done throughout the country, but even those who live close by and ride it regularly acknowledge it for the amazing ride it is.

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