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South America

This is part two of a two part series highlighting some of the best places to check out on a South American snow tour.

If you somehow made it out of Las Lenas and are trying to get back to Santiago it only makes sense to hit up Portillo to check into Chile’s best-known ski resort. Heading north from Las Lenas try and hire a bus that will get you through the border crossing into Chile and on to Portillo that evening. If you can’t make that happen there’s a very small ski area located right near the border called Penitentes. Honestly, it’s fine to skip it, but if you’re keen to check out another spot on your travels, use the sparse lift system and go on a tour. The views are breathtaking, but the local hostel I remember staying at was one of the most undesirable nights I’ve ever spent traveling, even from the perspective of a dirt bag. That said you can always uncover a gem with the right mentality in such a range as the Andes, the thing is coming from Las Lenas, Portillo is just about the only place that will keep your stoke factor as high.

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