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Durango, CO Photo: Jillian Raymond

The Storm Chase Pays off in Southwest Colorado

With a stretch of time off for Thanksgiving, the plans were to travel to the PNW and head into B.C. for the  holiday. Good ole’ Mt. Baker had been getting pummeled with new snow the week before, and escaping a mostly dry Lake Tahoe for touring north of the border sounded like a great escape. There’s more than a few destinations across the country that have gotten a good blast of early season fluff this winter, but nowhere has been getting hammered like Colorado. As I watched the weather, the forecast for much of North America went dry except for one place. Models started pointing to a powerful storm set to hit Southwest Colorado. The great “storm chase” is a beloved pastime of any intrepid skier or rider. Why travel for old snow when you can chase the fresh stuff, right?

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