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Today 12/6/18 is a Day of Solidarity for the Arctic Refuge, Allies, and the Gwich’in Nation

Today, December 6th is a Day of Solidarity highlighting the Anniversary of the Arctic Refuge. It’s an opportunity to celebrate this special place and to stand with the Gwich’in Nation and their allies who work every day to protect it from development. In support of the Sierra Club and Alaska Wilderness League who do such great work:

  • Think deeply this day and everyday about the role public lands play in your life. How do they make you feel? What do they give you? How would you feel without them?
  • Right now, the Refuge faces an imminent threat of development. The oil industry would like to drill in this sacred place and the current Trump administration is helping them get there. The tax bill passed last December requires the government to hold a lease sale as early as next spring. Now is the time to say NO (see petitions below).
  • If  development is allowed in the Refuge, NO place is safe. Today, the ask to you all is to consider what your life would be like without your own special place?
  • Please share your experiences online today Thursday, December 6th to amplify the voice of the Gwich’in and allies. Please use the hashtags – #ArcticAnniversary #StandwiththeGwichin #ProtecttheArctic

For further reading, photos and words from my work as an ally:

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Two petitions to sign:



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If you care about your own backyard, if you care about people and the planet, then you too can help support Arctic Refuge protection. Please join us in defending this sacred place!