6 Trips of a Lifetime | Ski Guiding for the 2016-2017 Season | Come Ski with Me: Antarctica, Japan, Gulmarg, Alaska, Greenland, Tibet

It’s never too early to envision, scheme, and plan for your next great ski adventure. The following six itineraries are trips I look forward to guiding during the 2016-2017 ski season and I’d love for you to join me! Use the contact page to be in touch. I’m happy to answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction even if one of my trips aren’t the perfect fit for you.

November 7th-19th 2016: Antarctica 

The surreal experience of skiing in Antarctica.
The surreal experience of skiing in Antarctica.

Ice Axe Expeditions makes the most far off ski trips across the world a comfortable reality. This November the grand-daddy annual trip to Antarctica shoves off once again. This will be my third trip to Antarctica with Ice Axe. Join us in Ushuaia, Argentina for some incredible warmup ski touring and get ready to experience life aboard a cruise ship full of some of most incredible characters that ski and ride. Full details on the trip can be found here.

January 13th- February 17th 2017 (3 Itineraries): Japan 

A Japanese barrel I remember foundly thanks to the photo skills of Zach Paley.
A Japanese barrel I remember fondly thanks to the photo skills of Zach Paley.

Ski deep powder, eat delicious food, soak in an onsen, repeat. The Adventure Project is offering three itineraries spread out between the prime powder dumping windows of mid-January to mid-February for the 2017 season. Full details on each itinerary can be found here.

February 20th- March 24th 2017 (3 Itineraries): Gulmarg

Touring from the world's highest gondola in Gulmarg Kashmir Himalaya.
Touring from the world’s highest gondola in Gulmarg, Kashmir Himalaya.

Like Japan, this is a trip for the ski travelers out there looking to combine a rich cultural experience with some world class skiing and riding. Gulmarg is home to the highest gondola in the world yielding views into the heart of the Himalayas, as well as accessing a wealth of big descents when conditions permit. In times of heavy snow there’s always Monkey Hill where face shots and a visit with the local Snow Monkeys will greet us. My schedule allows me to guide the first trip this year, and possibly the second. Full details on itinerary 1 (February 20- March 2) can be found here.

March 12th- April 8th 2017 (4 Itineraries): Alaska

Do you want to live here for a week this winter? Photo: Warren Miller Ent.

I love each and every trip I have the fortune to guide, but PNH Tour Camp is my home away from home. Much has been written, photographed, and filmed covering Tour Camp. Spend some time on this site or search around easily through cyberspace to get a better feel for this one of a kind Alaskan experience. Full details can be found here.

April 17th-25th 2017: Greenland 

Our Greenland trip is unmatched for the quality of the people we share the experience with, to the continued exploration of terrain that has yet to be skied. And sometimes it snows like this...
Our Greenland trip is unmatched from the quality of the people we share the experience with, to the continued exploration of terrain that has yet to be skied. And sometimes you wake up to snow like this…

Ice Axe Expeditions will be back in Greenland this April. Our trip to the quaint ocean-side town of Sisimiut is purely unique. We work with rooted locals who help support our experience from spending time around their distinct community, to exploring new ski descents in the Arctic wilderness. Greenland has long called to the adventurous ski traveler, but logistics to get there, never mind skiing, has been a barrier for many. Final details on this trip will be available soon, with dates currently slated for April 17th-25th. This year we have the option to ski explore via boat and snow machine.  We will spend time dog sledding, and work with our guests to craft a more than memorable experience. Check out a piece by Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal here detailing our 2014 trip, and if this trip is calling to you please be in touch.

 April 30th- May 26th 2017: Tibet (Lhakpa Ri)

Beautiful ski potential on Lhakpa Ri, TibetP hoto: Duncan Chessell
A mini slice of the ski potential on Lhakpa Ri, Tibet. Photo: Duncan Chessell

I am very excited to announce a new partnership with Himalaya Alpine Guides. Owner/Lead Guide Luke Smithwick is a Himalayan veteran offering boutique style trips and excelling in all forms of alpinism across the largest mountain range on earth. I’m thrilled to join the team on the ski side of things with Lhakpa Ri being our first objective for 2017. You can check out our itinerary here, and the main site here, the latter of which details numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the Himalayan alpine. Luke is as fired up as I am to help put together your ideal Himalayan ski adventure so if you’ve been dreaming, talk to us! Maybe you want to ski Cho Oyu in September 2017?

I also have the support to lead trips to Iceland, Kamchatka, Svalbard as well as to help design custom trips. It all depends on the individual/group and the vision, but I am more than happy to take the time to craft logistics and plan with you. Be well, get inspired, and please be in touch!

Getting ready for a standout day of ski guiding in Iceland. Photo: Karyn Stanley
Getting ready for a standout day of ski guiding in Iceland. Join me this season! Photo: Karyn Stanley