A Favorite Photo and Ski Line | Nice to Ski You Quartet & Travel Guide

Deep, stable powder in the all-time classic, Super C Couloir. Portillo, Chile. Skier: Jillian Raymond

The Super C Couloir. This photo captures a true classic of a line in all-time conditions. This stands as one of my favorite days in the special ski center that is Portillo, Chile. I had skied the line a few times before, with each descent being memorable, but this was the one. It’s also one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, with one of my favorite ski partners, Jillian Raymond. Stoked to see it land in the @nicetoskiyou card package that spotlights 32 classic ski lines from around the world. Click here for more info on the rest of the classic lines and card game.

Here’s a peek of what Jillian’s card looks like: