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Standing atop a random line on Tahoe's East Shore last winter, I had looked at this line for years, but never really seen it rideable. Last season was different. Things filled in around Tahoe that hadn't been skiable for decades. It was definitely a season to remember. Photo: Ryan Salm

A Season to Remember

The new Ski and Ride issue of the Tahoe Quarterly is out, and the issue is packed with crisp photography and several worthy stories that will get you fired up for winter. I am happy to have made several contributions to the issue in the Deep Thoughts photo gallery, Backcountry Basics piece, and the feature on Cody Townsend’s 50 project. While those contributions are mainly photo based, my editorial on A Season to Remember recounts what made last year such a standout winter in Tahoe. I also love that the few shots of me in there were taken by two of the best local photogs in our area, and great friends-Ming Poon and Ryan Salm, as well as the multi-talented Jillian Raymond. The photos I published in the piece were taken of a few dear friends as well, who also happen to be local shredders. One of those shots is of a line my buddy and I have looked at for years and were finally able to give it a go last season thanks to the epic winter that was. The article, photos, and all the other standout pieces look better in print if you can get yourself a copy, otherwise here’s an online link to my piece and you can check out the rest of the TQ site offerings from there. Here’s to a safe, BIG season for all in 2019′-2020′!