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My only Chinese pillow line to date, a memorable run to say the least. Photo: Kaitlyn Farrington

Backcountry Magazine Issue #135

Have you seen the new Backcountry Magazine yet? If not, here’s a little taste of issue #135. The lead shot here is from an article written by seasoned author Megan Michelson about the crazy trip to China I had last winter. The one when Covid-19 hit while my crew and I were in country and about as far away from home as possible, with no actual idea as to what was really going on. Well, in the shot by Kaitlyn Farrington…yes, the super ripper, Olympic Gold Medalist can also snap a nice one, the two of us were out for a walk and came across a hidden pillow field. I snapped a few of her dropping in, and she snagged this one of me plopping through the trees (it looks way better in print as a full page). Good times during an otherwise type-3 sort of adventure. 

I shared the piece I wrote for Tahoe Quaterly back in October, cinematographer for the trip Brian Hockenstein has a piece out in Mountain Life Media, and I’ll have a new piece in Ascent to share before the end of the month. All of these pieces tell parts of the story that Megan does a good job of covering in the BC Mag piece. Here’s a little taste…Happy to also share a few photos in the piece as well, the top shot here is one I took of Kaitlyn skinning out through Chinese New Year’s decor on our way to the pillow field we didn’t know existed quite yet.

Issue #135 is full of great content. I’m also partial to the article looking at 50 Project Filmer Bjarne Salen as he is a friend, inspiration, and all around five-star human. Jeff Dostie and I have a few quotes in there, which was cool to read, but overall the look into Bjarne’s path is the real story, one worth the price of the mag alone IMO. To check out the whole issue just check your mailbox, or if you don’t already, please subscribe today.  If you somehow missed that Powder Magazine is no more, and you love holding and reading print magazines, now is the time to support your favorite publications before it’s too late. I know BC Mag could use the help, and Ascent could use some support as well.