Ice Climbing

It’s been cold in Tahoe, really cold. Too bad there hasn’t been a bunch of precipitation to go along with the temps. But as the story goes when one thing is off something else is almost always on. This is especially true in Tahoe where there is arguably never a dull moment for the active… Continue reading Ice Climbing

Rock Climbing

No matter which way you get to the top, the Grand Teton is one of the most iconic peaks in the world. It boasts one of the most striking summits you’ll ever sit on, in one of the most beautiful concentrated mountain regions on the planet . The only way you can stand on the top… Continue reading Rock Climbing


One of the many reasons people choose to earn their turns in the backcountry is the solitude that accompanies one as they venture out to bag a run. That and all the untracked terrain to slay is what seems to hook most. Backcountry surfing, aka hike-to-surf missions, are not quite as popular as backcountry skiing. I’m not sure why… Read… Continue reading Surfing


The latest outdoor adventure to sweep mountain towns across the lower 48 involves goofy, over-sized surf boards called Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP). Upon first glance they look awkward and you might wonder why people are so fired up to get out on them. But then you go for a paddle on Lake Champlain, Jackson Lake,… Continue reading SUP

Surfing the Sierra

“Surfing the Sierra” by Ryan Salm and ESPN Read the rest here