Mountain Gazette #200 Palm Springs Shralpinism

Written by Jeremy Jones, Photos by Ming Poon. It’s hard to communicate just how fun and special this trip to Southern California was with Jer, Ming and Dostie. I had always wanted to nail a few of the obscure, standout lines in Southern California. It’s generally too hard to bypass the Eastern Sierra, but last… Continue reading Mountain Gazette #200 Palm Springs Shralpinism


L-R: Jeff Dostie, Ryan Delena, Brennan Lagasse, and Vivian Bruchez after skiing the Polar Star Couloir.

A recount of the Baffin Dream trip from last Spring in the latest Tahoe Quarterly.   Also worth 33 minutes of your time is Ryan’s edit from our trip.   A few more shots from instagram here and here.   Unlimited thanks to the whole team for making this dream happen! Also to the partners… Continue reading DREAMY LINES AND PERFECT POLAR POWDER IN BAFFIN ISLAND

A Favorite Photo and Ski Line | Nice to Ski You Quartet & Travel Guide

Deep, stable powder in the all-time classic, Super C Couloir. Portillo, Chile. Skier: Jillian Raymod

The Super C Couloir. This photo captures a true classic of a line in all-time conditions. This stands as one of my favorite days in the special ski center that is Portillo, Chile. I had skied the line a few times before, with each descent being memorable, but this was the one. It’s also one… Continue reading A Favorite Photo and Ski Line | Nice to Ski You Quartet & Travel Guide

The siren is Silenced!

  Following up from last month’s post, during this time to celebrate silence, it’s important to share  that with energy that might have had to continue going to fight the siren as a racist relic from the settler-colonial era, energy can now be better allocated to healing and joyful projects such as Washiw Zulshish Goom… Continue reading The siren is Silenced!

Tahoe’s Tallest Peak and Silencing the last sundown siren

Sitting atop the tallest peak in the Tahoe Basin, with a clear view East towards the Minden siren. This and the the other outdoor photos shared here are in support of a short film related to the silencing of the siren, and support for the Washiw. Grateful to Anthony and First Tracks Productions for the support along with friend and ally Michelle Parker.

Battles for sustainability and justice take time. Many have come before us in solidarity, and many movements continue in struggle and resistance today. More often than not, accepting the long fought process can be difficult, but is necessary. Far too seldom are opportunities to live in celebration for having won a battle in the greater… Continue reading Tahoe’s Tallest Peak and Silencing the last sundown siren

Living the dream in Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin Island)

Ryan on rappel, completing the likely FD of the Fiord Explorer Couloir

Sometimes the dream trip never actually materializes, or turns into something else. Sometimes the dream trip turns into a nightmare. But once in a while, if you dream big enough and the stars align, it’s beyond what you could have ever actually dreamed in the first place. Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin Island) was it. I shared the… Continue reading Living the dream in Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin Island)

SoCal Odyssey Tour

I love this one. It happened to be my birthday and the plan was to go deep into a classic fold in the zone. That was until we saw this face and all uniformly switched gears. It just looked too perfect. I snapped this one of Ming, Jeremy, and Jeff just before we dropped over to the ridge to start climbing.

What happens when the Sierra snowpack is in an all-time high, the storm train won’t quit, and there’s a funky layer keeping most from going deep into the alpine? Our crew… we decided to follow the lines going south. With a brief window of stable weather, truly one of the only places in the West… Continue reading SoCal Odyssey Tour

Outdoor Allies with the Outdoor Alliance

If you’re new to the OA take a few minutes to see where you fit into their work. If you care about the outdoors, they are a group you want to be connected to and support.    From OA:  Ever wondered how you can do more for public lands but you aren’t sure where to… Continue reading Outdoor Allies with the Outdoor Alliance