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Continuing the Fight to Protect the Arctic Refuge

Good news can be hard to come by for People and Earth defenders these days, but there is always light in the darkness, and there are more defenders and a bigger community of resisters out there than you think! Last month I was able to once again join forces with author, guide, and storyteller Andy Selters to share stories and inspiration from our time spent in the Arctic Refuge. While our experiences in the area are very different, Andy was changed, for the better, after his one trip to the region and does a phenomenal job of sharing his perspective, supported by incredible photography, about why this place is so special and needs to be protected.

We gathered first in Bishop with support from the Friends of the Inyo, and then a few days later in Reno at Patagonia. Both gatherings were well attended, and further supported by the Alaska Wilderness League, Sierra Club, and Protect Our Winters who are all behind permanent protection for the Arctic Refuge. There was also a solid Sierra Nevada University student turnout as well, especially in Reno:

One BIG thing to ACT on right now is that major funders are pulling out of Arctic drilling, which is HUGE in the continued fight for climate justice and the Arctic Refuge! Please add your name to this petition calling for “the CEOs of the other major U.S. banks, telling them that bankrolling Arctic drilling isn’t just bad business – it’s a threat to Indigenous rights and to the climate.” The fight continues in so many ways, thank you for adding your voice and support!