Out Of Bounds IMAX| Antarctica and the Arctic

In the Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019 I was fortunate to join the Out of Bounds IMAX team for two segments of their film featuring all-star snowboarder Torah Bright. The film had its world premier on October 29th in Seattle, WA (photos and a recap here) and will be shown on giant IMAX screens across the country in the months to come. A 3D version of the film is set for release soon.

Check out the trailer for the film, and hopefully you can catch it in person at an IMAX theater near you. The film charts Torah’s progression from top-level competition to her journey as a big mountain rider, and also carries a strong message about climate, conservation, and contribution.


In the trailer are scenes from our time working together in Antarctica and the Arctic Refuge, as well as footage shot with world class riders Jeremy Jones and Sammy Carlson in Tahoe, B.C., and the Alaskan Chugach. This Outside Magazine link will bring you to some footage from filming in Antarctica. You can check out more info on the film here with some photos and backstory, and the latest theater listings hereTorah, director Caspar Mazzotti, and producer Mark Kresser did an interview about the film for a Seattle based TV show prior to the premier, which also gives a nice look into what went into the project and its overall message: