Skiing the 7 Continents

Ski Touring, Broken River Club Field, New Zealand

A Tahoe skier shares how he was able to leave tracks on each of the world’s seven continents Story and photos by Brennan Lagasse It started when I was two. Those first turns, or really that first pizza slide, down ...

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South America

This is part two of a two part series highlighting some of the best places to check out on a South American snow tour. If you somehow made it out of Las Lenas and are trying to get back to ...

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New Zealand

Words and photos by Brennan Lagasse. Even though Queenstown and Milford Sound couldn’t be more opposite of one another, they happen to be two of the most sought after destinations in all of New Zealand. Milford Sound is rural, undeveloped ...

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Chamonix and La Grave, France

Rappelling into Couloir Poubelle via Les Grands Montets

When skiers travel across the world an immediate gamble is made as weather, snow quality, and overall snowpack dictate what they are able to get into. It matters not how competent they are, how much money they spent, or how seemingly accessible their objectives ...

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The Beginning “You’re on board!” The words, spoken by Doug Stoup, confirmed that my dream of skiing in Antarctica would actually come true. “You’ll be working with the Warren Miller film crew, and you’re going to need to turn over ...

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By Brennan Lagasse Despite being backed by a handful of the top Freeride World Tour (FWT) competitors, Praxis operates far from the limelight. Based in Lake Tahoe, the microbrew ski company has slowly built a cult following around its products. ...

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