Photo Featured in Latest Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal

As we gained a high bench on our skin, the view of this fluted spine wall was inspiring to say the least. We had seen it from the road, and sometimes the air while flying into Cordova, but neither Jeff Dostie or I had ever been this close to it before.

Our day started with a kayak across a partially frozen Lake Eyak. From there, a¬†machete was employed to help us bushwhack through Devil’s Club and thick overgrown sections of temperate rainforest that guard the unmistakeable beauty that is the “Queen’s Chair”. The peak stands alone as the mighty Chugach Mountains spill from behind it running off in what seems to be a never ending vantage of incredibly perfect snowy mountains.

I knew this would be a special photo. Check it out in print in the photo gallery of the latest Ascent.

Jeff Dostie skins below the flutes on “Queen’s Chair”. Cordova, Alaska