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Powder Magazine | 12 Photos that Illustrate Why Legends Are Born in Tahoe

Check out this standout gallery of Tahoe locals slaying the backyard by photographer Ming Poon.

Another memorable day exploring at home with friend and renowned photographer Ming Poon.

A few words from the photog:

“I moved to Lake Tahoe in 2002 at the age of 18, back when the ski bum life was thriving. I quickly immersed myself in the local scene and began chasing locals, many of whom you’ll see here in this gallery. I’ve been happy and honored to ride alongside them—often with a camera. These same friends have elevated my career in such profound ways. So, in short, I attribute nearly all my success to these individuals, the close friends that give it to me straight, encourage me no matter what, and will always come out to ski at the resort or on a tour regardless of conditions. If you say no a few times, you fall off the speed dial list. None of the people you see here have ever left mine.

Tahoe earned notoriety for both its abundant sunny powder days and the phenomenal athletes who live there. This gallery is packed with both. For me, it doesn’t get any better than here. I’m sure most mountain town die-hards would say the same—when you know the terrain, snowpack, weather, and your partners so well, each day provides an immeasurable experience. Plus when you live in town, you can sleep in your own bed.

The conditions we found in these photos were as good as any we have chased around the globe. This gallery is dedicated to core skiers, those who are always on the hunt for the next best day.”

Check out the whole gallery by Powder and Ming here