Reflecting on a Strangely Good Ski Season in the Sierra

Check out the new issue of Ski and Ride 21′-22′ from the Tahoe Quarterly. I look forward to this issue each Fall as it’s a prime stoker for the Winter season that lies ahead. As usual, there are some beautiful photos in this issue, and some articulate editorials pieces as well. My piece in this issue is about making the most of a pretty low snow year in the Sierra last season, which ended up being a pretty good one so long as you knew where to look for the snow. Here’s the online link to the piece, and a link to the Powder Provides article hosting that lead West Shore Pow shot above. As much as it’s nice to read online, the print edition is worth picking up as that’s where you’ll see a gallery of other beautiful photos for my piece and several others as well (see below:)!!). Cheers to a safe, snowy Winter for all!

A favorite photo from the print edition of my piece, Nick Russell breaking a dream trail last March in the Eastern Sierra