Ski Guiding Calendar for the 2018-2019 Season

The leaves are changing, and the snow will be flying before we know it! I’m super excited to share guiding plans for the 2018-2019 season!

As always, be in touch if any of these trips interest you- -or feel free to contact me anytime about creating a custom trip for you. I am working with several people with unique itineraries and destinations this season, as well as a few people who are interested in private ski guiding and backcountry ski skill development locally. From dialing in your kick-turn on the skin-track, to an expedition to South Georgia, we can make anything happen so long as you have a place you want to go, a goal, and time frame to make it happen.

Tahoe: Whenever I’m home I work with NASTC primarily through their introductory level backcountry ski tours. I’ve had skiers in the past who only want to work on technique, and others from out of town that just want to ski until they can’t ski anymore. It’s all fun to me! The NASTC tours are a great way to get to know Tahoe backcountry terrain and feel more confident as a backcountry skier or rider, offered throughout the season from November until May.

Oct-Amazon (Brazil): While this trip has nothing to do with skiing, it does mark the formal launch of the Ice Axe Impact School. Working alongside Douglas Stoup, with whom I have worked for as a ski guide in Argentina, Antarctica, Greenland, Svalbard, and Iceland for several years, we are proud to share this transformational education platform that bridges active, expeditionary, and experiential learning. For more information visit:

Oct/Nov-Argentina and Antarctica: We are SOLD OUT for the 2018 trip this Fall.

In 2019 the trip is set to run from November 1-13. Click here for more details and be prepared for constant dreams about penguins, glaciers, and experiencing the frozen continent for yourself.

Dec 15-23-Siberia, Russia: This December, 40 Tribes is breaking in a new adventure to Siberia. I’m beyond stoked to have a crew I’ve ridden with before, headed to a place I’ve only dreamt about visiting, and apparently it’s some of the lightest, deepest snow in the world! Stay tuned for first-hand reports, I haven’t been this fired up to check out a new-to-me spot in a long time!

PNH Tour Camp, Cordova, AK

Jan-Sierra Nevada, CA: Looking forward to leading a private hut trip with a partner, offering AIARE instruction, ski guiding, and terrain management to our guests over five days.

Jan/Feb-Kyrgyzstan: Very excited to be guiding Week 1 and Week 2 in Kyrgyzstan for 40 Tribes this winter. As of this posting, over the course of the 6 Week season, there are only 3 spots available during February 10-16, which is the “Splitfest” Week.

Feb28-March 10-Gulmarg: Looking forward to returning to Kashmir this late February, sharing the magic of  Gulmarg with my private group. The Gulmarg season typically runs from late January until early March, if you’re interested happy to put you in touch with the right people.

ALASKA: The biggest ??? that remains for this season is what is going to happen with PNH Tour Camp. I have spoken with several friends/past guests to our operation over the summer months, and I know people are wondering what’s in store for 2019. What I can say for now is I have a list of people that want to visit us this season and are just waiting for the dates. As a team we are looking at similar time frames as years past, with March into April as our likely operations window. Jeff and I will be in Alaska this season! Stay tuned as plans formalize over the next month or so, we’re hoping to be 100% clear on details by November. More info on PNH Tour Camp Here.

March 28-April 4-Greenland: These dates for our annual Ice Axe trip to Sisimiut, Greenland are open, while our week 2 option from April 5- 14 is Sold Out. As special as every Ice Axe trip is, this one is purely unique as my co-guide and I have had the fortune of working with our Inuit hosts seasonally, breaking in new terrain that has never been ski toured before on each trip. More details on this one can be found here.

May-Sierra Nevada, CA: As part of the Ice Axe Impact School, we are offering a trans Sierra Nevada ski tour this May. Click here for more details on this natural history adventure across the inspiring Range of Light.

May-Norway: I have a couple of guests that have skied with me in Alaska (and elsewhere) who are super fun, fit, and looking to experience the Lyngen Alps. If this striking area of the world is on your radar let me know, we’re currently looking at options from sail-to-ski, to dog-sled ski access with a hut rented by a good friend from Chamonix.

June 3-17- India: In 2017, I teamed up with Himalaya Alpine Guides to guide a trip into the Indian Himalaya, using horses for the multi-day approach, ultimately arriving in an area that is prime for exploratory ski touring. We’re not talking 8ooo meter skiing here, but more along the lines of 6000 meters and below, the elevation that tends of offer more enjoyable skiing in the Himalaya.  Check out a feature piece I wrote for Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal about our trip. It is fully catered to the adventurous skier who wants to travel, experience vibrant mountain culture, and is excited about skiing where no one else has skied before.