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Skiing at the Bottom of the World | SF Gate

Some Antarctica stoke from our November trip with SF Gate. Enjoy!

If you ask most skiers and riders about their dreams to ski abroad you’ll likely hear mentions of Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada, Chamonix, France, and perhaps a summer snow excursion to Portillo, Chile.


Probably not.

Whether it’s the historic tales of explorer Ernest Shackelton or scenes from March of the Penguins, the frozen continent fosters visions of stark landscapes, freezing temperatures, and downright inhospitable conditions. However, if you ask any person who has traveled with Ice Axe Expeditions to ski the Antarctic Peninsula what their experience has been you are going to hear a completely different story.

Doug Stoup has skied to the North and South Poles more than any other human. He also owns and operates Ice Axe Expeditions with Karyn Stanley, a distinct guiding outfit that specializes in unique expeditions to some of the most inspiring places on the planet. Since 2009 Ice Axe Expeditions has brought intrepid skiers to Antarctica for the best kickoff to ski season in the world. From the experience of warm-up ski touring in Ushuaia, Argentina, to sailing across the infamous Drake Passage in a massive, yet extremely comfortable cruise ship, the ski experience is like no other. The best part? As long as you have an adventurous spirit you’re welcome to join the trip.

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