SoCal Odyssey Tour

What happens when the Sierra snowpack is in an all-time high, the storm train won’t quit, and there’s a funky layer keeping most from going deep into the alpine? Our crew… we decided to follow the lines going south. With a brief window of stable weather, truly one of the only places in the West that had sun and stability for a few days, Jeremy Jones, Ming Poon, Jeff Dostie and I decided to try and find powder in a few places not too far from our Tahoe homes that are really tough to score. It seemed now was the time. Much more to come from this one, but for now, a few shots of a few days that turned out to be beyond what any of us could have hoped for…what a winter in California!

I love this one. It happened to be my birthday and the plan was to go deep into a classic fold in the zone. That was until we saw this face and all of us uniformly switched gears. It just looked too perfect. I snapped this one of Ming, Jeremy, and Jeff just before we dropped over to the ridge to start climbing.
Powder above 11k with hot, dry, below sea-level desert below. L-R Jeff, Myself, Jones PC: Ming Poon


Me, Ming, and Dostie super fired up! PC: Jeremy Jones
A Jones selfie with me and Dostie trailing, and Ming probably shooting photos from above.
As memorable as it gets, myself dropping in 10k feet above the desert floor PC: Jeremy Jones