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State of the Backcountry 2016-2017| Antarctica and Tahoe

Hello Skiers and Riders! December is here and that means it’s time for another season of State of the Backcountry! In the spirit of years past, this season will be more of the same, sharing real-time condition reports and stoke from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to wherever winter takes us. Remember that backcountry skiing is an inspiring pursuit, but having the proper education to safely play in the backcountry is absolutely essential. Make sure you take the time to acquire this knowledge, explore terrain with competent users who have practiced avalanche eduction for extended periods of time, and you not only get the proper gear for staying safe in avalanche terrain, you learn how to properly use it. Skiing the backcountry is a long-term pursuit. There’s always another day to ride that line, and in the meantime there’s always ways to deepen your skill set, get smarter, and practice making decisions that are good for you and your snow community.

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