The siren is Silenced!


Paula Smith, Mika Raymond Lagasse, and Washoe youth out mountain biking with Michelle Parker.

Following up from last month’s post, during this time to celebrate silence, it’s important to share¬† that with energy that might have had to continue going to fight the siren as a racist relic from the settler-colonial era, energy can now be better allocated to healing and joyful projects such as Washiw Zulshish Goom Tahn and especially the work of Paula Smith and her Washoe Youth Sports, Cultural & Outdoor Expedition Program. The photos shared in this post come from First Track Productions with some recent biking shots from adventuring with Paula and her kids, another of Michelle Parker and I skiing for a connected film project, and an interview done for a the subsequent film set for release this Fall 23′ that features this greater story. We are excited to share this film, this story, and celebrate the silencing of the siren with all!

As Paula says, “Guiding youth towards broader perspectives and self-discovery through adventures in the Great Outdoors.”


Michelle and I on Freel Peak for the, “On Native Lands film project”.
From Left to Right, Michelle Parker, Marty Meeden, Brennan and Mika Lagasse.