Video Stoke from Greenland

Seva Fridman, one of my awesome ski clients in Greenland this past April, put this video together from our trip. I think he did a great job of sharing a feel for the adventure- truly one of the radder places I have ever visited and skied. Over the years I have made a few trips to Sisimiut, Greenland guiding for Ice Axe Expeditions, and no trip would ever be what is was without the guidance of local hero Lasseraq Skifte. Every trip to his home, Lasseraq would take us to places he knew was good for ski touring, with a majority of those places having never seen a previous ascent or descent. This past April we had another unbelievable trip, my first solo guiding without my man Glen Poulsen who I had shared all my previous trips with. Unfortunately, during this most recent trip Lasseraq had an accident and passed away. He was a true legend and will never be forgotten. Enjoy the video and send some good vibes out there to your mountain tribe!