A Few Favorite Published Photos from 2021

Once in a while, some of the magic from my professional photographer friends rubs off on me, and I capture a special image. I hope you enjoy these four photos, published in various print venues noted below.

Natural Resources Defense Council, Spring 2021, Nature’s Voice

Honored to have taken this photo of my friend and mentor, Inupiaq Elder Robert Thompson, and see it published here with the NRDC who does such crucial work. This photo was taken while paddling the Hulahula River in the heart of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal, Early Winter Issue

To me this photo is timeless, shot while guiding a ski expedition to Georgia for 40 Tribes in one of the more unique places I have ever skied

Backcountry Magazine, Issue #135

A skinning experience unlike any other with Kaitlyn Farrington, the absolute best partner I could have asked for to live through a pretty wild experience in China just as the Covid-19 pandemic started to shut the country down before doing so to the world

Tahoe Quarterly, Ski and Ride Issue

The cultural connection to horses in the Altai Range is everlasting. I took this shot while enjoying the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations in the village of Khom.

A few personal favorite published images of me taken by Ming Poon

and one by Kaitlyn Farrington for Backcountry Magazine

Chinese Pillow Popping

A final favorite, currently unsubmitted image I took while winter camping/shredding with Nick Russell, a perpetually stoked backcountry partner, in the High Sierra this past winter