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Skijouring with horses in the village of Khom, Altai Mountains, China

Snow Hunters Film Update | Return to the Roots

January seems like a lifetime ago. In returning home from China, I shared this Instagram post and simply tried to keep decompressing from one of the craziest experiences of my life. Escaping the country as Covid-19 started peaking across China was actually just a part of the wild ride that was, but months later as the dust has settled I’m happy to see what producers of the Snow Hunters film have adapted with what we shot in China. You can check out the update here. The update link is also connected to a Go Fund Me page to help the producers with post-production costs. If you can help, rad. If you can’t and can share the campaign, rad. And if neither is available I simply hope you enjoy the update. I’m also working on a piece for Tahoe Quarterly, did an interview for Backcountry Magazine, and know other media will be shared in the months to come about the project. Watch out for those drops, hope you’re getting outside, and be well.

Thanks to Flylow for their support!