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The Courage Project #GoingOutIsGoingIn

Courage Project | Going Out is Going In

Who do you give to on Giving Tuesday? There are so many amazing individuals and organizations doing good work in this world, the task can seem daunting. There are literally double-digit groups I can think of off the top of my head that work on protecting people and the planet that need support, and hundreds, even thousands more that would benefit from some simple resource shares. One group I’d like to spotlight, in case you don’t already know them, is the Courage Project. Take a minute and check out this link as their Going Out is Going In campaign is inspired work.

If you’re not convinced, maybe one of these videos will help. From some of the most acclaimed and accomplished athletes in the world, to the local charger you never heard of, these 50+ videos are an utter gift and speak directly to the profound impact of the Courage Project’s work. After you watch, please give if you can. And if you can’t, please pass this along so someone else will either give, or at least get inspired by some of the amazing shares in these videos. Very humbled and grateful to share a few words alongside this special group of people. Thank You for your support!

Link to 50+ Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCujXjFBWUqD0Cv6mvX7lVyg/videos